Born May 2012, C30 Crew is a online community who has a passion for their sweet rides, all of which being Volvo C30’s of course! The C30Crew forum was created as another avenue into the C30 realm since the old board became unstable and we think the admins died. This new site is up-to-date on the latest codes, and packs tons of great features the users wanted. We also support Tapatalk so you can can do everything on your phone or iPad! We are very active and involved with projects, trips and charity events.

Our mission is to provide the C30 crowd a place to call home in which they can get technical information and advice from some very experienced tuners and owners, and also a place to share your projects and ideas with the rest of the Volvo nuts. Even if you like the C30 but don’t have one, or sport another Volvo, there are sections for that and all are welcome.