The Event May 21st through the 26th:

This is a gathering for all Volvo C30 enthusiasts at the iconic Tail of the Dragon in North Carolina. For many years, a pilgrimage of Volvo C30 lovers have made the venture across North America as well as Canada to arrive in the mountains where you will experience some of the most technical paved roads on the planet; 318 turns in 11 miles to be exact! Hang out with others who love the C30 who take pride in their car, make new friends, put screen names to faces and have a great time relaxing, driving and seeing some of the most beautiful scenery possible.

Map with all routes:


Welcome BBQ:

This is a great way to meet new faces and see others again after a long journey to the Fontana Village Resort (FVR). Relax high up in the Smoky Mountains, enjoying some great food, drinks and a roaring camp fire to prepare your mind and body for the morning run of the Dragon
When: Tuesday at 6 p.m.
Where: Laurel Brook fire pit at Fontana Village Resort.

The Drive:

To ease you into the journey ahead, we will run a parade lap through the Cherohala Skyway, stopping at a few places to get some photos and witness the killer scenery. After about 2.5 hours of driving, we will take a pit stop to prepare for the all our Dragon run. Strap on your GoPro cameras, seatbelts and turn on the tunes! You will be driving 318 turns in 11 miles of the Dragon’s tail. This is high up in the mountains, no guard rails, just pure adrenaline.
When: Wednesday Morning.
Where: Meet at the Fontana General Store.
How Long: Entire parade lap and dragon slaying will last approximately 3 to 4 hours.

A peek at the pavement:

The Drive

The “Midnight” Run:

The ferocity of the beast is amplified in the dark of the forest canopy. This event is not for the faint of heart. The group will head out from the resort running up the 11 miles of the Dragon turning around and finishing the job, and then it’s back to the fire pit to hang with the rest of the crew with stories of the battle won.
When: Wednesday at 9 p.m.
Where: Meet at the General Store.

Caffeine Rally & Group Photo:
Rise and shine in the morning and get that C30 all polished up and ready for the car show! Bring your cameras and walk around to vote for your favorite rides! After the show, we will need you with your car as we will arrange everyone for the big group shot photo.
When: Thursday morning.
Where: Fontana Village Resort softball fields.

2018 Group Photo:

Independent Excursions:
The group will break from structured activities for part of the day on Saturday. Everybody is free to go about and explore the Great Smoky Mountains on their own. The planning committee will provide a list of suggested activities that have been enjoyed in the past.
When: Saturday following the group photo and car show
Where: suggestions will be provided both in the C30 Crew forum and in the Welcome Packet.

Fontana Dam:


Awards Banquet and Raffle Fundraiser:

The premier event is the awards banquet. This is where the awards for the car show are given out as well as various other accolades. Money is raised through raffles of various products that have been donated to the event from our vendor sponsors. Some of the prizes are valued close to 800 dollars! We will be giving back to the local search and resuce squad again this year as they are not funded at all by state, or county. They are the front line if you or anyone else gets in a wreck and get injured. They were there for us when we needed them, so we are going to be there for them.
When: Friday
Where: Fontana Village Resort, more information will be provided in the Welcome Packet.